Meet Joanie Mahoney

On January of 2008, Joanie Mahoney was sworn in as the third County Executive of Onondaga County. Within the first year of her term in office, the Great Recession hit Onondaga County causing the loss of millions of dollars in vital sales revenue and a $50 million budget gap. Despite this challenge, County Executive Joanie Mahoney lowered property taxes and decreased the size of government. Through smart financial planning and an emphasis on putting the taxpayer first, County Executive Mahoney led Onondaga County to attain the highest bond rating in the state.

Thanks to Mahoney's leadership, Onondaga County has sought out innovative solutions to address the regions ongoing issues. One of her first actions in taking office was to stop the construction of a sewer treatment plant in Armory Square, the heart of nightlife and retail business for downtown Syracuse. County Executive Mahoney proposed a solution that invested in green infrastructure to address the county storm water runoff issues. The resulting program, Save the Rain, has generated national recognition in good governance.

County Executive Mahoney believes in a right-sized government that ensures tax dollars are not being used in duplicate services. In 2010, she led a consolidation of city-county purchasing departments and opened the service to towns, villages, fire districts and more. By better organizing and centralizing purchasing, all municipalities have been eligible to benefit from this measure. However, County Executive Mahoney recognizes that there are those areas where private businesses can provide better services to residents at a reduced cost. That is why in 2012 she announced that Onondaga County would complete the sale of Van Duyn nursing home to a private service provider resulting in significant savings to the County and the taxpayer while continuing to ensure the facility was available to those in need.

A native of Syracuse, Joanie Mahoney graduated from Corcoran High School, received an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University's School of Management and is a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Law. She has worked in the private sector, as a criminal prosecutor, and served on the Syracuse Common Council. In 2007, Joanie Mahoney became the first woman to serve as County Executive and was overwhelmingly reelected in 2011.

"Since taking over as county executive in January 2008, Mahoney, a Republican, has pursued a remarkable and sustained effort to partner with Syracuse officials on getting a wide variety of big and important jobs done." -- Governing Magazine 2011

As County Executive, Joanie Mahoney was recognized as "Public Official of the Year" by Governing Magazine, a nationally recognized distinction. Since taking office, Onondaga County has been the recipient of multiple good governance awards including the U.S. Water Prize from the U.S. Water Alliance and green infrastructure partnership by the EPA.

County Executive Joanie Mahoney lives in the Town of DeWitt with her husband Marc Overdyk and four sons.

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